5-in-1 audiobook on Weight Loss is live!

I am happy to announce my new audiobook is published!

Simple Weight Loss Cookbook for Beginners 5-in-1
Simple Weight Loss Cookbook for Beginners 5-in-1

Five-in-one value: Five easy to follow diet plans to lose weight fast:

  • Book one: Dash Diet – Dash Diet Action Plan or How to Lose Pounds with Healthy Meal Planning
  • Book two: Low Cholesterol Diet – How to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
  • Book three: Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: Best Way to Lose Weight Fast with Mediterranean Diet Plan
  • Book four: Natural Six Week Gluten-Free Diet Program – Complete Diet Guide to Losing Weight with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Recipes
  • Book five: The Vegetarian Way: A Choice for Life: Vegetarian Diet Meal Plan and Cookbook

Sound interesting? I think so too! Listen to Simple Weight Loss Cookbook for Beginners and learn about diets to lose weight.

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My book “Home Made Hand Sanitizer” is live! Check out on Amazon

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Home Made Hand Sanitizer: Make Your Own Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel & Spray at Home to Protect Yourself from Viruses & Germs” by Martha McDowell officially on Amazon.

There’s a new pandemic spreading through all the major countries of the world. People are in a panic, and they’re desperately trying to protect themselves and their families from this new enemy.

All of the shelves are empty.

The face masks, the soap, the hand sanitizer, it’s all gone.

Are you going to sit down and wonder what to do, or are you going to take action?

Homemade hand sanitizers are the only way to go in a situation like this.

Get to work and protect yourself and your loved ones from this threat with these easy to make hand sanitizer recipes.

Grab your copy here.

Here’s what readers say…


Anti-Stress Tonic: Home Remedies for Stress

Today I want to talk about ancient cures and healthy home remedies.

The natural remedies are a much safer and healthier choice compared to synthetic drugs. Drugs have side effects that can be worse than the original ailment you are trying to treat. People are seeking natural products to use in other areas of their everyday life. They are looking to live healthier lifestyles and getting back to basic home remedies can offer much towards this type of lifestyle.

It is important to remember there are synthetic drugs that we may take for certain serious health conditions so we must remember to consult with a physician making sure any home remedies we use are compatible with our medications. It is always better to be safe than sorry. I hope you find these home remedies useful in helping you to ease suffering from whatever ails you as well as helping you in other areas of your life. A home remedy made from all-natural ingredients will benefit you in a healthy way free of side effects. Your overall health will improve when you start making healthier choices in your life.

Natural Remedies: Ancient Cures, Natural Treatments and Home Remedies for Health – Over 170000 copies sold

A healthy choice is choosing natural home remedies made with natural ingredients in their natural pure form with no unnatural synthetic products added as fillers. Like in most things in life, the natural form is usually almost always the best choice. May your road towards a healthier life style be filled with great joy and peace of mind in knowing you are making good choices both mentally and physically.

Stress. How to Deal With It?

We live in a fast paced world where we face many different kinds of stress on a daily basis. Finding natural therapies and home remedies that can help make our daily lives less stressful is something we could all use at different points in our hectic lives. Stress can have various triggers, both physical and psychological, which in turn cause the natural balance of our bodies to be upset or put out of alignment. Stress is the culprit behind 80% of all major illnesses such as cardiovascular, cancer and all kinds of infectious diseases. Most of our body functions are affected by stress to some degree. An important thing we can do to help fight stress is to start with a healthy diet that consists mainly of 50- 75% raw foods. Eating raw foods will give you a much needed supply of vitamins and minerals as well as flavonoids that are great at scavenging and neutralizing the free radicals roaming about our bodies wreaking havoc as they go.


  • Avoid mood altering drugs as well as alcohol and tobacco. These are dangerous to your health, and they will not get rid of your stress. Rather, they mask it for a short period of time
  • Try meditating to help you to relax and manage your stress
  • Practice deep breathing and then exhaling slowly. This can help you to relieve some of your stress that you may be feeling
  • Stay away from processed foods such as fried foods, fast foods, and junk foods containing preservatives
  • Try not to let your stress build up within you. Do not deny your emotions as this will only compound your stress

Why not try using an anti-stress tonic to help you to alleviate your stress?

Ingredients for Anti-Stress Tonic:

1. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of any 3 of the herbs below

2. Steep the 3 herbs in distilled water that is almost boiling

Herbs to Choose from:

  • Skullcap is good for nervous disorders and also helps to relieve headaches
  • Valerian is a sleep aid and also aids stress- related headaches, keeping the nervous system from becoming overwhelmed
  • Passion Flower will give you a calming effect. It is great to use in any anti-stress routine
  • Chamomile is a sleep aid, nerve tonic, and is soothing to the digestive tract
  • Catnip is an anti-stress herb that will cause you to feel drowsy
  • Lemon Balm tea is a great antioxidant with many other healing properties such as reducing stress and depression symptoms
My readers are happy!

Natural remedies are much safer and healthier as compared to synthetic drugs. These synthetic drugs have side effects that can worsen your illness. A home remedy made from all-natural ingredients will benefit you in a healthy and a side effect-free way.

The book “Natural Remedies: Ancient Cures, Natural Treatments and Home Remedies for Health” includes remedies for:

✔ Weight-loss

✔ Stress

✔ High Blood Pressure

✔ Cold and Flu

✔ Runny Nose and Sneezing

✔ Allergies

✔ Skin Conditions

✔ Osteoporosis

✔ Leg Cramps

✔ Home Remedies for Arthritis & Joint Pain

✔ Upset Stomach

✔ Hair Treatments

✔ Anti-aging Treatments

Some of my readers share their thoughts after reading the book.

You will also discover:

  • Natural Herbs and Their Health Benefits
  • Home Remedies Found in Foods for Various Ailments
  • Fruits that offer Medicinal Benefits
  • Foods that are Natural Sleep Aids
  • 10 Healthy Foods for New Mothers
  • Natural Herbs and Their Health Benefits
  • Home Remedies Found in Foods for Various Ailments
  • Fruits that offer Medicinal Benefits
  • Foods that are Natural Sleep Aids
  • 10 Healthy Foods for New Mothers

The book is available on Amazon:

Kindle ebook




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